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A small company story follows and how we have inspired our analogue and digital customers with our principle of honesty.

We have been the majorcom-fachhandel group since 1997. In Germany, the Internet era followed the fiber optic network.
Many did not know about this, so we provided contact points in Berlin and made our knowledge and technical resources available on site. We provided technical support at the customer's home. It was the time when everyone wanted their own DSL connection. We had provided qualitative and provider-independent consulting assistance to over 10,000 customers. We helped with that for over 10 years.
Back in 1997 we started the first shop in the middle of Berlin called majorcom-fachhandel with a small "honest group of consultants" who hadn't danced to the whistle of the big ones.
But we had to quickly expand our contact points in several districts because of the unstoppable success thanks to our dear customers, who had recommended us on the basis of honest and personal advice. Unfortunately, there were competitors who weren't so honest with their customers and followed us [...]. Unfortunately, there were some incidents that we were not able to publish. A trailer was also deleted on YouTube. But let's not do that... We're proud that we've proven with clumsy and unstoppable honesty that it's worth it and that the buyer recommends us to others. We helped clients who were "ripped off" by dishonest people. We helped customers to get their right of withdrawal. We almost enacted some kind of consumer advice. If you are really interested in the plausibility of the story, please contact us and we will take care of it. We have enough evidence.Unfortunately you will not find anything about it, because everything will be deleted [...]

It was the beginning of the current fully digital era with all its advantages and disadvantages.

In the meantime we had set up a fleet of cars (majorcars-rent different SL) for tourists on Mallorca with beautiful German classics [...]
Today we would much rather prefer an electric scooter rental ;-)
But we weren't fast enough.

At that time we were called majorcom-fachhandel "gmbh& Co.KG" [ended 2008] until we could say: "Now the need for advice on DSL high-speed connections is covered".

We left the dormant competition on the side and devoted ourselves to the consumer need for goods and goods:
The "Digital King". Yes, it means YOU. The buyer is king, even if you unfortunately no longer see each other in person. Brought to the internet back then and today "we" see ourselves back in the digital "shopping frenzy". We deliberately speak a little sarcastically, because we also know how dangerous digitization could have been. We are very aware of this and always stay up to date with the latest security standards. Let's make the best of it. As always, there are pros and cons. The proximity to the customer made our work more human back then. However, we will try to ensure that service is treated as humanely as possible.
But the advantages are also obvious: Huge resources of changeable and flexible goods are possible and benefit the customer. The customer proximity is restored by chat button. If you wish, you can also request a telephone consultation there. We will then call and take a lot of time for you, if you wish.
Advanced buyer protection measures are mandatory and protect the buyer all around. Slowly but surely, the pros outweigh the cons. As one of the co-pioneers, we are confident that the buyer basically has a great intuition and will continue to place their trust in us.

Year after year we have adapted our range to modern developments for buyers worldwide. Our warehouses are in China, Spain and Germany.

Customers buy from us worldwide and we buy from international warehouses. We negotiate prices so that our customers can get through the difficult times. Our shops are logically linked and cover a large range of uses for indoor and outdoor use.

Thank you for reading and welcome to

www.majorcom-fachhandel.de (eu)

Your majorcom specialist retail team since 1997!